NDVS/SB's Golden Guides YouTube Channel gives you tips on living independently with low vision or blindness.  Our teachers and staff will show you step-by-step how to navigate all areas of life, from the kitchen to the bus stop.  We hope parents, families, and other teachers of the visually impaired will enjoy and learn from these "golden guides" to an independent life. Our newest video is below.

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Cleaning the Shower and Tub When Visually Impaired

The Security of Screen Shade 

ABC's of VoiceOver Commands 

Voice Over Basics: How to Turn VoiceOver On & Off

Cooking With Amy Part 1: Making Mashed Potatoes

Cooking with Amy Part 2: Baking Pork Chops

Cooking with Amy Part 3: Eating Techniques

Cleaning the Bathroom Counter and Sink when Low Vision or Blind

Cleaning the Toilet when Low Vision or Blind

Painting Nails when Low Vision or Blind

Learning from Leaders: A Conversation with Dr. Michael J. Bina

Lookout for Google Lookout! Optical Character Recognition

Let's Play Bocce! How to Adapt Bocce for the Blind or Visually Impaired

Sweep Up a New Skill: Sweeping When Low Vision or Blind

Vacuuming When Low Vision or Blind 

Magnifiers 101: Things to Consider When Shopping for a Magnifier 

Magnifying Magnifiers: Determining the Style That's Right for You 

Code the Cool Way: An Intro to Code Jumper

Google Lens: AI for VI

In the Kitchen Part 1: Knife Safety

In the Kitchen Part 2: Slicing Produce

In the Kitchen Part 3: Chopping and Mincing

In the Kitchen Part 4: Peeling Produce

A Pea-Sized Problem Solved: Getting Toothpaste on Your Toothbrush When Low Vision or Blind

Why Your Tweezers Are Like a Cane: Grooming Your Eyebrows with Low Vision

Nail Care with Little or No Vision

Beginning (and Ending) With Braille

How to Use the Beginner's Abacus

Bully! A Volunteer Adventure in Medora

What is CVI? A Primer for Parents and Professionals

A Day in the Life of a Talking Book

Our Adventure to Lake Metigoshe: Middle School Camp 2019

The Expanded Core Curriculum in Action

Braille Buzz Commercial

PreK Building On Patterns Commercial

Reach & Match Learning Kit Commercial

Hear it From Us

Miles Apart, Serving Together

Making Braille Labels">Making Braille Labels">Making Braille Labels

Teaching the Slate & Stylus

Amy's Makeup Tutorial Part 1: Eye Makeup

Amy's Makeup Tutorial Part 2: Blush

Braille Reversal Teaching Strategies

NDVS/SB: Here for You

Assistive Tech in My Daily Life

Family Weekend 2018

All About the Braille Access Center

Using the LuxIQ to Choose Sunglasses

A LuxIQ Assessment with Amy & Helga

Welcome to the Store

Join us on a Programming Tour

Labeling Appliances

NDVS/SB is Getting a Feel for Eclipses

Goalball, Explained

O&M in the Winter

A Glimpse into Teen Week at NDVS/SB

Braille Tracking Techniques

How to load paper into the Perkins braille

Identifying and Organizing Money

Washing Tables

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