Volunteers play an important role in the functioning of North Dakota Vision Services/School for the Blind. Some of the routine work performed by volunteers frees staff to perform more specialized functions and spend more direct time with clients. Such routine tasks include filing, photocopying, faxing, shelving library materials, cleaning returned tape machines and toys, scanning, editing computer documents, data entry, and formatting computer files for braille.

Other tasks volunteers perform for the agency simply would never be done without the efforts of volunteers. For example, volunteers with an eye for detail and some handiwork skills have produced a number of interesting items used by individuals with vision impairments, including:

  • touch boards that provide tactile stimulation for infants
  • adapted game boards that allow blind children to join in the games played by their friends and classmates
  • tactile concept books that help pre-schoolers with vision impairments develop important concepts such as big/little, smooth/rough, over/under, and many more
  • tactile greeting cards that have braille text and embossed designs

NDVS/SB offers a great deal of flexibility and works closely with volunteers to set up a work schedule that accommodates each individual's circumstances. At the same time, volunteers are expected to meet high standards for reliability and quality of work. Volunteers are treated as a valued part of our staff.

Potential volunteers may schedule a phone or in-person interview to discuss their needs and interests and the current needs of our organization. All volunteers are asked to submit an application with references. A tour of our facility is available by appointment.

Staff and clients of NDVS/SB are grateful for the thousands of hours of service performed by volunteers at our agency -- our volunteers make a difference!