ND Vision Services/School for the Blind - Created Content

  • A Resource Guide for Individuals with a Visual Impairment - A list of resources for individuals who have lost vision complied by NDVS/SB.
  • Golden Guides -  Videos created by NDVS/SB team on various tips on living independently with low vision or blindness.
  • The Incredible You! - NDVS/SB Psychology Intern Sky Gabel presents on The Incredible You! Hear about the amazing accomplishments of people who are visually impaired and be inspired to be the incredible person that you already are!
  • Technology Resources -  Technology resource list created by the NDVS/SB team on various assistive technology resources available.

Literary Resources

Braille Resources

State Agencies Affiliated with NDVS/SB

Parent & Family Resources

Support Organizations

Orientation & Mobility Organizations

Vocational/Career Resources