Individuals with visual impairments experience varying degrees of need for professional services depending upon age, lifestyle, community characteristics and their own unique visual functioning. It is the goal of North Dakota Vision Services/School for the Blind (NDVS/SB) to assist individuals in reaching their personal goals through assessment and training. Instruction can take place on-site in Grand Forks, in the home, on the job, or wherever an individual may need guidance.

The first step in the process is to help individuals become aware of the resources that are available. The next step is to help individuals determine their training needs. The process may be quite different for each individual depending upon personal circumstances.

Referral may occur through rehabilitation agencies or a self referral.

Instructional Areas for Adult Services:

  • Adaptive Aids (e.g., CCTV's, magnifiers, Talking Books)
  • Adjustment with Vision Loss Discussions (social and psychological adjustment in a group and/or individual basis)
  • Braille (reading and writing of the braille code and practical uses of braille in daily activities)
  • Daily Living Skills (grooming, dressing, table etiquette, social graces, money and time, telephone skills, food preparation, clothing care, housekeeping, sewing, and home maintenance)
  • Orientation and Mobility (body and spatial concepts, protective techniques, sighted guide techniques, travel in familiar and unfamiliar environments, cane instruction, travel in residential and business environments, public transportation, and electronic travel aids)
  • Technology (computer access through magnification or screen readers; keyboarding, computer terminology and concepts, word processing, scanning and reading technology, notetakers, and use of the Internet)
  • Vocational/Career (intensive career exploration, job shadowing, and preparing for employment; Comprehensive Vocational Evaluation System)