Adult Week

Adults with visual impairments experience varying degrees of need for professional services depending upon age, lifestyle, community characteristics and their own unique visual functioning. It is the goal of North Dakota Vision Services/School for the Blind (NDVS/SB) to assist individuals in reaching their personal goals through assessment and training.

Families on the Scene in 2019 - Family Weekend

However one defines “family” it is crucial that children are supported by those who are closest to them. Family members have the most profound opportunity to influence a child’s own sense of expectation. How do we help children develop high expectations that fit them as an individual? Without role models and other families to learn from it can be hard. The opportunity to learn from each other this weekend is wonderful. It is especially cool that Mr. Keith Bundy will be on hand to share his thoughts on ‘The Importance of Expectations.”  On behalf of NDVS/SB and the Parent Planning Team, we expect that you will all walk away after the weekend with more ideas and a better sense of how to help your child develop the best possible expectations for him or her.

AER ALIVE - Dakotas AER 2019 Conference

This is an opportunity to participate in world class continuing education in the vision field.  Please join us as we cover topics such as orientation and mobility, transition, daily living skills, braille and resources.  You will have the opportunity to hear Tanni Anthony speak about Orientation & Mobility and Eric Guillary speak about " What it Really Take for Successful Transition."  Please join us for this exciting conference and be AER ALIVE!