Fall 2024
Aug.4-7Elementary Summer Program (Sun – Wed; 1 – 5th/6th grade)
Aug.26School Begins
Sept.4-5All Staff Meetings
Sept.15-20Adult STP
Sept.29-Oct. 3Middle School STP (6-9th grade) 
Oct.9-11Dakotas AER Conference in SD
Oct.20-24Elementary STP (1-5th/6th grade)
Nov.17-21Teen STP/Careers (10-12th grade)
Dec.5-7Middle School JAM (7-10th grade)
Dec.8-13Adult STP
Dec.17-18All Staff Meetings
January12-16Elementary Literacy STP (1-5th/6th grade)
Feb.2-7Middle School/Teen STP (7-12th grade)
Feb.7-8Goal Ball Event with SDSBVI
Feb.18-21Winter Break
Mar.2-7Teen STP/Careers (10-12th grade) 
Mar.7-8SD Goalball Trip 
Mar.11-12All Staff Meetings
Mar.23-28Adult STP
Mar.29-Apr 1Easter Break
April4-5Family Weekend
April 6-10Middle School STP (6-9th grade)
April27-May 1Elementary STP (1-5th/6th grade)
May 11-16Adult STP
May20-21All Staff Meetings  
May30End of Academic year  
June2-5Middle School Summer Program - off-site (6/7th – 9th)
June1-6Adult STP
TBD Teen Work Experience Program (10 – 12th)
Aug.3-6Elementary Summer Program (Sun – Wed; 1 – 5th/6th grade)
Note: Dates Subject to Change