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by Laurie Westling

The Technology Center recently acquired the Mountbatten Whisperer Learning System. It is designed to help students learn braille in a fun and inclusive manner. We chose this device because of its versatility and ease of use. It is ideal for young students learning braille as well as older students using Nemeth code and braille music. It allows a sighted teacher to connect a MIMic visual display for easy supervision.

Mountbatten Whisperer is a white device with 6 black keys and 7 green keys for braille writing. The embosser is located at the top of the device.

The key features of this device are braille writing as an electronic braillewriter, or embosser, makes correcting and erasing easy. It uses a variety of paper types and has both a graphics and one-handed mode. It also allows braille translation, both translation from braille to print and translation from print to braille. The learning tools include digitized or synthetic speech, assignable function keys, a note-taker, music modes and can transfer files to and from a PC. Additional features include a clock, countdown timer, stopwatch, date and time, and a diary. 

The Mountbatten Whisperer Learning System gives you two modes. The learn mode is for the very new user, and gives you access to only some of the features. The advanced mode gives access to absolutely everything. 

This device can be connected to the MIMic text display, PC keyboard, headphones, text printer, computer, network, and has both Bluetooth or USB communication with mainstream devices. 

What you receive in the box with the Mountbatten Whisperer? It comes with a parallel cable, Qwerty keyboard, power supply, AC cable, USB 2.0 A-plug -B-plug, braille sample sheets, user guide, software CD for transferring files and Mountbatten keyboard guide.

If you have a student interested in the Mountbatten Whisperer Learning System and would like a demonstration, please contact Tracy Wicken trwicken@nd.gov or 701-795-2721 or Laurie Westling at lchaput@nd.gov or 701-795-2710 in the Technology Center at NDVS/SB.

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