Summer Program August 2019 “A Universe of Stories” by Cindy Williams

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The theme centered around space and the students read and listened to numerous stories and facts about space including a story titled Mission to Cataria read by an astronaut! The story is about two cats who blast off to explore the alien world and includes thrilling action as Oskar, an astrocat who is blind, saves the mission! Check out that story and others at

The students showed off their creative side by making rockets and robots out of recyclables. They received instruction in O & M while venturing around campus for a Space Studies tour at UND and a field trip to Triple M Stables for horseback riding and interactions with other animals. Independent Living Skills were used while preparing their own snacks and while prepping food for our parent program. Compensatory Skills were part of writing thank-you’s to various organizations and during reading activities. Recreation and Leisure was covered along with Sensory Efficiency skills during our trip to the splash park and the ND Museum of Art to listen to the performers, Kwaician Traylor, who sounded similar to Ed Sheeran and Begonia who had a vibe like Adele. Assistive Technology skills were used while the students listened to stories on a talking book machine and while working on creative activities. Career Education took place during our tour of the Space Studies program at UND and while reading stories about astronauts and learning about what education is required to become an astronaut. And of course, Social Skills and Self-Determination skills were covered in our Social Skills class where the students partook in a role-playing game and were also worked on throughout our program!

Thank you for sending your child to learn and discover new experiences and independence while attending our program! We wish all of our students a successful new school year and look forward to working with them during our Short-Term Program weeks!

- Cindy Williams


Three images in a line. The first image is six students on a massive rock about the size of a car. The second is students standing in a line with a picture behind them of the view from the Moon's perspective to Earth.  The third is a teacher wearing a Space helmet

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