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by Amy Osvold
Vision Rehabilitation Specialist

NDVS/SB is now offering Individual Adjustment to Vision Loss, services are a one-on-one session with a Social Worker. This may be done in-person during an Adult Week at NDVS/SB or by telephone. Some of the areas that may be covered during this session include but are not limited to:

*Helping the individual understand the condition that caused their vision loss
*Helping the individual through any emotional issues that may have arisen since their vision loss
*Confidence Building
*Improving Communication Skills
*Depression and Anxiety Screenings
*Referrals to supplementary services such as ND DVR, State Library, ND Assistive, etc.
*Referral to a local Psychologist, Therapist, or Counselor
*Helping an individual’s Psychologist, therapist, or Counselor understand the unique issues and needs of individuals with vision loss
*Relaxation and Decompression Technique Education
*Family Support and Education

These services are available to help individuals cope with their vision loss and help them to live happy and productive lives with vision loss. These services are not a substitute for long-term or in-depth counseling on an individual, couples, or family basis. 

NDVS/SB is also offering Group Services. These services include but are not limited to:
*Zoom Groups for Social and Educational Purposes
*Emotional Support Groups – small groups conducted by a Social Worker, where participants work as a group on the emotional issues that arise from having a vision loss. Unlike the Zoom groups, these are done by me conference calling all of the participants. These groups have limited numbers of participants.

For further information, please contact Amy at 701-857-7635 or