The Vision Resource Center at ND Vision Services/School for the Blind serves patrons from ages birth through end of life; students, teachers, vision professionals, parents, and people with visual impairments or blindness are all encouraged to browse and utilize our materials. The library within the VRC has a wide variety of materials for leisure, educational, and professional reading needs. The library houses:


  • twin vision children’s story books;
  • braille and large print chapter books;
  • braille and large print adult leisure reading materials;
  • audiobooks;
  • descriptive video DVDs;
  • professional resources for vision teachers, parents and families, special educators, and students studying to be vision professionals.

For more information about the library, or to request materials, contact the librarian.

Special Collections

The VRC Library also houses a few special collections of materials, including:

Deaf/Blind Sensory Library

This professional collection of current resources is funded by the North Dakota Dual Sensory Project. Educators, medical professionals, and parents and families can access these materials, which focus on a variety of topics surrounding dual sensory loss. Contact the librarian to request materials or for more information about this collection.

3D Model Collection

Our 3D model collection is growing and currently includes over a dozen tactile models focusing on science, math, and social studies topics. These models allow students and clients to engage tactually with structures and figures that they are learning about. Models can also be printed on request. Contact the librarian for more information or to request one of our 3D models.

Sensory Education Library

This collection allows teachers and other service providers to borrow educationally stimulating toys, switches, and other sensory learning equipment. Items in this collection are checked out via recommendations from vision professionals. For more information about the Sensory Education Library, please contact the librarian or the APH Coordinator.

Vision Assessments Collection

Assessments are provided to vision professionals to use when evaluating visual acuity and functioning. These charts, kits, and other items may be needed for a Learning Media Assessment, Functional Vision Evaluation, or other vision or intelligence testing. Contact the librarian for more information about the Assessments Collection.