The goal of the Technology Center is to provide assistance and information to those who are visually impaired and who wish to use technology to meet their needs at school, work or home.

A technology evaluation will provide recommendations for accessing the computer, for specialized hardware or software that uses synthesized speech to read the computer screen or renders hard-copy output into braille.

Other assistive devices on display in the Technology Center are video magnifiers, or closed-circuit television (CCTV) systems for enlarging print, personal note-taking computers, talking calculators, talking dictionary, keyboard labeling aids, computer-screen enhancements, and many others.

Services offered at the Technology Center include the following:

  • Technology is demonstrated for consumers and professionals.
  • Hardware and software demonstrations may be conducted at other sites.
  • Current vendor information is available.
  • Hardware and software from APH is loaned to eligible students.
  • Other hardware or software, when available, is loaned to qualified consumers for a specified amount of time.
  • Computer assistance is offered to professionals and to persons with a visual impairment. This may include workshops, set-up and installation of equipment, and individualized training at either NDVS/SB or the local setting.

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A technology teacher training a women with a computer with magnification software