High School Summer Programs or "Focus on Life" is for students in grades 7-12. The camp emphasizes recreation/leisure and vocational activities. The program is designed to cultivate interests in health, hobbies, and awareness of different occupational endeavors. Some examples of the pursuits of "Focus on Life" are: business lunch etiquette, occupational tours, local library tour, swimming, walking/running track, and book club. Other areas of the Expanded Core Curriculum are included such as Orientation and Mobility and Daily Living Skills. This program is an excellent way for visually impaired teens to practice the expanded core curriculum, make friends, and have fun!

The Vocational Independent Living and Learning Activities, or VILLA, is a program open to students who have completed their junior or seniors year. This program is an opportunity to gain work experience and practice independent living skills. Teens who are visually impaired fill out an application, attend an interview. Two students are selected to be junior counselors for the Elementary Summer Camp. The junior counselors assist with the elementary students at the camp, attend classes on independent living, and plan activities for their leisure. VILLA's goal is to provide a living and work experience for these young adults who can use the program to gain valuable work experience and build their resume.

Elementary Summer Camp is for students in grades 1-6. The curriculum is based on the ND Summer Reading Program through the State Library in Bismarck. We provide the writing activities and reading selections in the appropriate format and select them to fit the specific age and reading level of the students that attend. Themes vary from year to year but always ensure motivating and enjoyable activities to keep the students reading not only during camp, but all through the summer. The expanded core curriculum areas are also included throughout the program. Playing and bonding with new friends who also have a visual impairment make this summer adventure a special time of growing.

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