Need APH Items / Library Items / or VRC Materials

Need APH Items / Library Items / or VRC Materials


APH Items Request  ND VS/SB distributes educational aids that are funded by the American Printing House for the Blind’s federal quota program. These materials can only be requested for and used by students who are registered on the APH Annual Census. 


Textbook Requests for 2021-22  Request accessible versions of the textbooks your student needs by filling out this form.

2 Images One of the rows of books in the library the other is a close up of the books in shelving.















VRC Materials Request Fill out this form for all other materials you need to request from the VRC, including large print, braille, twin vision, and/or professional books; audiobooks; DVDs; assessments; etc.

3 Images The first is shelving of kids books.  Second is rows of Audio Books and Descriptive DVD's and the Third is Rows of Braille Books in the library.





Paths to Literacy

Pinterest – Boards to follow include Paths to Literacy, Perkins, etc.

Teaching the Visually Impaired website ( – activities are broken up into ECC areas; info on goals and objectives.

Chris Tabb’s LiveBinders Shelf


Positive Eye (UK site)

APH Educational Resources – lesson and activity ideas to use with APH products.



The ECC Essentials book (available from AFB Press) has full lesson plans in each section as well as ideas for other activities.

Quick and Easy ECC Checklist from APH


Adaptive Physical Education (PE)