Recreation and leisure skills may include traditional and adapted physical education activities as well as a host of other hobbies and pastimes that are enjoyed by the general public. However, a person with a visual impairment may need help in identifying the array of choices available. In addition, many of these activities require a degree of adaptation in order to make them accessible for participants with vision impairments.

There are activities specifically designed with visual impairments in mind. Goalball, Beep Baseball and Power Showdown are games designed for both entertainment value and competition for people with visual impairment. The list of other activities that are encouraged is limitless. Most board games, crafts, music activities, etc., can be made accessible. The goal of any programming in this area is to promote a wide range of interests to enhance the individual's quality of life.

How can NDVS/SB help an individual in this area?

During Center Base Programming, time is allowed to experience many of these activities. A formal leisure/recreation checklist can be used, or informal outings and opportunities can be arranged to experience a variety of selected leisure activities on an individual or small-group basis.

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