Contact Us at the School for the Blind

Main Line - 701-795-2700 or 1-800-421-1181 (Toll free in North Dakota ONLY)


Where is NDVS/SB located?

We are located at 500 Stanford Road, Grand Forks, North Dakota.


Administrative Office

Name Title Phone Email
Olson, Paul Superintendent 701-795-2717
Purcell, Tami Business Manager 701-795-2707
Hoberg, Nedra Receptionist/Admin Assistant 701-795-2703
Torgerson, Ryan Store Manager/Admin Assistant 701-795-2714

Adult Services

Name Title Phone Email
Dockter, Ken Coordinator of Adult Services 701-795-2724
Haus, Pam Vision Rehabilitation Specialist - NE North Dakota 701-795-2719
Osvold, Amy Vision Rehabilitation Specialist - Western North Dakota 701-857-7635

Student Programs

Name Title Phone Email
Williams, Cindy Coordinator of Center-Based Programs 701-795-2704
Brandt, Sandy Braille Teacher 701-795-2718
Woodward-Sorensen, Jennifer Outreach Teacher 701-795-2716
Hanson, Shanna Vision Outreach Specialist 701-795-2708
Ivers, Miranda Evening Activities Coordinator 701-795-2700  

Regional Offices

Name Title Phone Email
Kraft, Linda Regional Coordinator-Fargo Region 701-739-3429
Grzadzielewski, Kathy Regional Coordinator-Devils Lake Region 701-795-2722
Moulton, Erika Regional Coordinator-Minot/Williston Regions 701-857-7635
Slaby, Lanna Regional Coordinator-Jamestown Region 701-253-3012
Verlinde, Mary Regional Coordinator-Bismarck/Dickinson Regions 701-328-3986
Brandt, Sandy Regional Coordinator-Grand Forks Region 701-795-2718

Orientation & Mobility

Name Title Phone Email
Lentz, Margo O&M Specialist 701-795-2723
Osier, Samantha Vision Outreach Teacher/Mobility Assistant 701-857-7638


Name Title Phone Email
Olson, David Network Administrator 701-795-2712
Westling, Laurie Computer & Networking Specialist 701-795-2710
Wicken, Tracy Assistive Technology Teacher 701-795-2720

Vision Resource Center

Name Title Phone Email
Mankie, Lilly APH Coordinator/Admin Assistant 701-795-2732
Stenberg, Emily Librarian/Volunteer Coordinator 701-795-2709
Pederson, Leslie Braillist 701-795-2713


Name Title Phone Email
Roufs, Greg Maintenance Supervisor 701-795-2726
Hewitt, Edward Maintenance 701-795-2700
Iverson, Patty Maintenance 701-795-2700
Langer, Chad Maintenance 701-795-2700